Our Head Chef Elliot Spurdle sources his Lambs from the best farms in the UK, in this instance, Romney Marsh, Kent.

He buys them in whole and butchers them in-house, which is not only cost effective, but it means we are providing our guests with a new cut of lamb, and therefore new dish daily!

Here he is in action!

elliot-cutting-lamb   elliot-cutting-lamb-2-smaller   cutting-lamb-3-smaller

The different cuts include the Shoulders, Racks, Legs, Chumps, Rump, Fillets, Loins and Neck.

elliots-lamb       lamb-3-smaller

It’s all about utilizing everything we can, so nothing of these beautiful animals is wasted.    The bones go towards making Lamb stock, and the skin towards a delicious crackling for staff! The fat is rendered down and used for the cooking of the dish itself.


And the result is something delicious, such as this lamb shoulder which has been sealed in its own fat, and braised in its own stock!