Described as warm, convivial, relaxed and elegant, Boulestin is inspired by X. Marcel Boulestin, the renowned food writer, the world’s first TV chef and proprietor of the original eponymous restaurant, opened in 1927.

M. Boulestin’s knowledge and love of his country’s cuisine enabled him to showcase French recipes to the world in the early part of the last century. And it’s his level of passion thas was brought back to the London restaurant scene. The classic dishes on our menu are from M. Boulestin’s pre-war cookbooks, including Oeuf en Gelée, Soupe de Poissons and Jambon Persillé.  But there are more cuisines represented – Boulestin was interested in food from other countries and so are we. Our Head Chef Elliot Spurdle is continuously inventing and developing our menu, with dishes such as Roast Rack of Lamb, Hay-baked Celeriac, Wild Asparagus and Giroles, and of course, our Roast Cod served with Avocado Hummus, Puffed Chickpeas and a Zahter & Chorizo Salsa.

Lighter dishes include Tuna Tartare and Quinoa Salad, Broad Beans and Pomegranate.

 If you have a sweet tooth (or even if you haven’t) our Sauternes Custard with Agen Prunes in Armagnac is like nothing else!

Xavier Marcel Boulestin was all about inspiring food, impeccable taste and attention to detail. Today at Boulestin we are continuing this ethos to keep his legacy alive. Please click to see our menus.

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